The United Methodist Church of Ludington

Reveal the Grace of God by Welcoming and Serving All in Christ

How we are Organized

This is the area concering the sancturary and the activities provided there.

This is the area where you can find out about the educatonal part of our ministry.  Children’s Sunday School through adult classes.  Including Youth activities.

This is the area that ministers to our local congregation. Things like Prayer, Meals, Rides, and Devotional resources.

This is the area where you will find our efforts going outside our church. We have activities in three areas:
1. The local area including Ludington and its surroundings
2. The national area of the USA.
3. The wider world.

This area shows what the women of the church and the United Methodist Women’s organization are doing.


This area shows what the men of the church are doing.

How we are Managed

This is the place to go when you wantto know about your giving record or where the church money goes.

This is the place to go when you want to know the folks who are paid to do the church business.

The Church Office keeps business hours of 8:00 til 4:00 Monday thru Thursday.
If you would like to schedule a meeting, wedding, or funeral; you need to go here.

See Historical Church Records organized by year

This is the area to see historical records like newsletters, bulletins, minutes, finances, and pictures