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Henderson Settlement, October 11-13, 2014



October 11, 2014


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Trip Poem



 Henderson Mission Trip 2014

by Sherry Coletta  & Harmony Bromley



We started out strangers that early Saturday morn

            Not knowing what friendships that week would be born.


We loaded the van with tools, clothes, and snacks

            Then started our journey beyond familiar tracks.


After two days of travel we finally arrived,

            Over curving mountain roads—I'm glad we survived.


God safely brought us there to be his hands and feet,

            To share His love with the people we would meet.


Got settled in our dorm overlooking a valley,

            Ate supper, had a meeting, were warmly welcomed by Jerry.


Morning devotions each day was followed by breakfast.

            The weather at first decided to test us.


Not easy to roof on a house in the rain--

            And that was our project—why we had came.


But God was in control and guided our days.

            His blessings were plenty, in so many different ways.


So our work crew of 7 fixed a deck, windows and floor,

            While 3 of us worked every day in the Thrift Store.


For 3 days wet weather and drizzle remained,

            But our crew wanted to roof—that's why we came.


Finally on Wednesday, the job was begun

            And miraculously, late Friday,the job now was done.


God blessed us with weather, so perfect and clear.

            What a miracle He provided us, while we were here.


Friday was sunny.  It even got hot!   

            We all were so thankful—we'd all prayed a lot!


Hard to believe one whole week had passed.

            Memories were made that forever will last.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, coming together

            To make a small difference in someone`s life forever.


Henderson Settlement will forever remain

            A wonderful experience—even with the rain.


The people we met there—the workers, the crew

            Were so welcoming, loving and caring—It's true.....


We went there to give but came back with so much.

            The people of Henderson Settlement, Our hearts they did touch.


Our God is a great God—Just let Him lead

            To those you can serve—To others in need.




October 12, 2014

October 13,2014


Ludington, MI 49431