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The year 2011

    January February March April May June July August      
    September October November December              
    March 6 Undie Sunday   April 9 Coffee House    
    April 10 Praise Choir
Children's Choir
  April 17 Easter Egg Hunt
Palm Sunday
    April 21 Last Supper   May 17 Plant Shrubs    
    May 22 Brochure   June 26 New Members
Patriotic Concert
    July 4 Parade Float   July 23 Cherry Pies    
    September 25 Puppets
Student Bibles
Youth Sunday
  October 2 Fall Festival    
    October 9 Ring and Sing   October 29 UMW Bazaar    
    November 9 All Saints   November 20 New Members    
    November 27 Thanksgiving   December 11 Christmas Program    
    December 15 Volunteers   December 18 Confirmation    
    Annual Report                  
United Methodist Church of Ludington 5810 Bryant Road, Ludington, MI 49431