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Pictures from Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY.  October 2010
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What we learned during this mission:

1.      We need to care for and watch out for each other.  For sure, when one is hurting, we all suffer along with them.

2.      Doing missionary work does not get us any closer to heaven.  There are no good works that we can do that will get us into heaven.  It is only by the grace of God that we will be given any reward.

3.      The model of helicoptering-in, quickly doing a mission project, and then helicoptering-out when the work project is done, just does not work that way.  This is likely because the load of love is too heavy on the way out.  Inevitably we always seem to leave a large part of our ‘heart’ behind with the folks that we have helped.


Packing to leave from the church

Friends and families offering well wishes

The work-camp group

Circle-of-prayer sending the work-campers on their way.

Knitting prayer-shawls in the back of the van.

Sunday morning worship in the motel room.

Harmonica accompanyment during worship singing.

View upon arrival at Henderson Settlement which is in Frakes, KY

Taking a walk thru the bucolic scene.

Monday morning we led morning devotions for 120 work-campers.

Giving a homily on Jonah.

Climbing the trail on the far side of the valley.

Kicking leaves on a walking path.

Three friends enjoying a walk.

Mums ready for distribution to stores

Jerry, the work-camp director.

Meeting the homeowner.

This is the porch that is ready to colapse under our feet.

Working on the porch.

Working on the porch.

Surveying progress on the porch.

Working on the porch.

Notching a deck board.

Getting those spindles vertical.

Putting the finishing touches on the porch.

completed porch.

completed porch.

Happy face.

Putting the finishing touches on the porch.

Enjoying the new porch

Work-campers posing on the completed porch along with the pleased home owner.

Sorting tons of used clothing for distribution.

Jerry Davis and his band on Appalachia night

Library at Henderson Settlement

Mural on library wall.

Relaxing after taking a walking trail

The original one-room schoolhouse at Frakes.

Enjoying games together in the evening

Enjoying each others company in the dorm

Dawn at Henderson Settlement with the sun just touching the mountains across the way.

Site used for morning devotions outdoors during the summer.

Working on the roof.


Working on the roof.

Working on the roof.

Working on the roof.

Steel sheet for the new roof.

Cutting steel for the roof.

Completed new metal roof.

Dormitory at Henderson Settlement.

Work-camp group on the deck of the dormitory.

Our little van parked next to a bus brought down by another church.

Stiring apple butter over an outdoor fire.

Making apple butter.

Jars of apple butter cooling.

Work-camp group-shot taken on the dormitory deck

Hauling waste from the work-camp shop to the dump

Sorting seeds to sell.

Sorting seeds to sell.

Methodist church in Frakes, KY.

Work-camp group posing after the closing worship service.

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