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Visioning Committee Goals report:
  Project Plan
Participant List

Iris Naomi Garcia, Ministry Consultant

1.      Centering, Introductions
2.      “Vision Leaks”, Stanley – keep filling the vision cups
3.      Our motivation is to keep reminding each other what our vision ‘is’
4.      Scary and exciting – bigger than what we already have
5.      History, how did we get here?
5.1   Dan Sleeman got it started
5.2   Three hours of meeting and be charged with reaching out to our church (Luella Burke and Sandy Lyon)
5.2.1    Surveys  
5.2.2    Talking to groups
5.2.3    Spent hours struggleing over each word
6.      Vision, Mission, and Values
Vision -- Believers
Mission – Seeking and sharing the character of Christ
Values – Love, spirituality, faith, hope, grace
1      Objectives
a.      Love God
b.      Intentional faith development
c.      Love neighbor
d.      Radical hospitality
2.      Goal – Intentional faith development – 2
a.      Specific
b.      Measurable
c.      Attainable
d.      Realistic
e.      Time specific
f.       Ours and Owned
3.      Goals
a.      Every attendee is given an opportunity to participate in small group activities
b.      Identify need based groups to attract members (3 months)
1.      Love God
a.      A bible study 6 to 8 weeks long with the purpose of studying how God loves us
b.      A Taize service, one every 3 months
a.      Ongoing illness
b.      Lost loved ones (divorce deaths)
c.      Improve visibility of youth
d.      Shut-ins
e.      Visitation phone contact
3.      Radical Hospitality
a.      Meet one person per week
b.      Involve a person in the life of the church
c.      Keep a journal of the contacts
d.      Share the results
4.      Radical Hospitality
a.      Create an invitation bag to non-attendees
b.      Provide to our congregation
a.      Provide valet parking
b.      Form five additional small groups by October 1
6.      Intentional Faith Development #2
7.      #1
a.      Small groups
b.      Times and day of week
c.      Three new small groups – different age groups
d.      18 to 30 age
8.      Love of neighbor
a.      Visiting ministry
b.      Five visitations each month
c.      Doing ministry, yard, housework – one person per month


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