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Young Adult St. Patrick's Day Party of Bethany Church, 1918
March 18, 1918

From Edna Nelson 3 in doorway, Lucille Johnson Abrahamson, Julia Andersen Hansen, Freida Abrahamson
  Nettie Johnson, Alice Erickson Benson, Bertha (Mrs Carl) Anderson, Mrs Ed or Charles Lunde
  Mary Andersen Larson, Ena Lunde, unknown
  Magda Soli, (Bertha Bark, Tillie Thompson, or Maggie Walle [all were Peterson sisters]), Thora Abrahamson, unknown, Martin Abrahamson - I think
  Steve Nerheim, Mrs Rev Andrew Erickson, Amelia Abrahamson, Mable Nerheim
  Ted Tallefson
United Methodist Church of Ludington   5810 Bryant Road, Ludington, MI 49431