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Young Adult group of Bethany Church, 1916

From Edna Nelson Dad Hans Hansen, Jake Lunde, Uncle Hans Paulsen, Elmer Abrahamson, Ed or Charlie Lunde, lady, Uncle Almer Andersen, Bertha (Mrs Carl) Anderson, Lizzie Tallefson, Amelia Abrahamson
  Albert Lunde, Steve Nerheim, lady, man, Louie Abrahamson, John Abrahamson, man, Martin Abrahamson
  Aunt Mary Larsen, Maggie Walle, lady, Mrs and Rev. Andrew Erickson, boy, Anna and Jake Abrahamson, Ted Tallefson
  Mable Nerheim, Aunt Bessie Andersen, lady, Anna Olson, Mom Julia Hansen Andersen , Selma Erickson, Mary Lunde
  lady, Mrs Ed or Charlie Lunde, Ethel Erickson, Gladys Erickson (Rev's daughter), Bertha Andersen Johnson, Helen Johnson Dennison
United Methodist Church of Ludington   5810 Bryant Road, Ludington, MI 49431