United Methodist Church of Ludington
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How we are organized
    This is the area concerning the sanctuary and the activities provided there.
  Christian Education:
    This is the area where you can find out about the educational part of our ministry.  Children's Sunday school through adult classes.  Including the Youth Activities.
    This is the area where you can find out about the music part of our ministry.  Music is a large part of our church.
    This is the area that ministers to our local congregation.  Things like Prayer, Meals, Rides, and Devotional resources.
    This is the area where you will find our efforts going outside our church.  We have activities in three areas:
      1. The local area including Ludington and its surroundings
      2. The national area of the USA.
      3. The wider world.
    This area shows what the women of the church are doing.
    See the biographies of the staff.
  Church Office:
    The Church Office keeps business hours of 8:00 til 4:00 Monday Thru Friday.
    If you would like to schedule a meeting, wedding, or funeral; you need to go here.
    When you need to know the size of our rooms, how many many folks they will hold, and the services available in each area, check here.
  Administrative Board  
    This is the place to go when you want to know about our physical buildings.
    This is the place to go when you wantto know about your giving record or where the church money goes.
    Check here when you want information on the history of the church.


Administrative Board:
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United Methodist Church of Ludington   office@ludingtonumc.org
5810 Bryant Rd, Ludington, MI 49431   231-843-8340