United Methodist Church of Ludington
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Vision: December 2021

Our Vision
  Reveal the Grace of God By Welcoming and Serving All in Christ
Our Motto  
  Open hearts, open minds, open doors
Our United Creed  
  We are the people of the United Methodist Church of Ludington.
  We believe in the God who created and continues to create.
  We want to root ourselves in Jesus.

We rely on the Holy Spirit.

We seek to grow in faithfulness to the Gospel.

  We believe our church is part of this community.
  Ludington has our heart.
  We open our doors and ourselves to everyone - -
  When we say, “Come as you are,” we mean it.
  When we say, "We are a church," we mean:
    We celebrate God’s presence,
    We want to grow in our love for others, and we find joy in serving.
  We believe everyone has a gift to share and the church is stronger when everyone contributes.
  We believe that God’s grace is revealed when we love fully, embrace others, and practice forgiveness.
  We believe eternity begins today.
  God is with us. We are not alone because we are the Church.

Visioning Committee Report from Fall of 2009



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