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UMW Baked Goods Guidelines:
  Thank you for considering donation of home baked items.  Please be aware that there are food safety issues associated specifically with bake sales.  To keep our buyers and their friends healthy, please follow these recommendations when preparing, packaging, and transporting baked goods:
1. Please donate only acceptable food items for the bake sale. Acceptable food items for a bake sale include:
 Fruit pies
 Candy
 Cakes and cookies (no cream cheese filling or icing)
 Breads
 Muffins
  Unacceptable food items for a bake sale include:
 Custards and custard pies
 Real Cream pies
 Pumpkin pies
 Meringue pies
 Cream-filled cakes, cupcakes, or donuts
 Frostings or fillings made with cream cheese
 Cheesecake
 Jar or canned bread
 Home-canned goods
 Flavored oils
2. Keeping food safe starts with clean hands. Wash hands before preparing foods, and again before packaging foods for the bake sale.
3. To reduce the risk of contamination, please individually wrap all items.
4. Food should be tightly wrapped or sealed during transport. Food should not be transported with family pets, please.
5. Please provide the information below and include with each type of baked good you donate.  Your personal information will not be shared with customers.  We just need to be able to have on record to address allergies, etc.
  Name: ______________________________________Phone: ______________________
  Description of item: ________________________________________________________
  List of ingredients: _________________________________________________________


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