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Visioning goals report:

Love Neighbor:


Subgroup 1


*Not hospital or nursing homes. ({Rather} Within our congregation or community.) Talking, reading, etc.

*Five members of our church each month. (Or community.)
  *Only need to find 5 people each month. It'd be great to involve youth.
  *Matching people's schedules and limiting visits to an hour
  * Try for 6 months.
  *We'll feel great having brightened this person's day.
  {3 check marks}
  * Helping members of our church or community who need assistance with basic tasks. (Housework, yard work, home maintenance, etc.)
  * One person per month for starters.
  * Matching need with talent of congregant {2 checks}
  * Rotate people doing the jobs each time.
  * 12 families per year with appropriate follow-up.
  * We'll/They'll feel GREAT!!
  (12 checks total when counting the 2 marked at the "Matching Need" subcategory}
  LN Sub group 2
  1. Over the course of 1 calendar year increase the church food pantry donation by 10%.
  {15 check marks}
  2. Have a fund raiser (to be determined) for HELP Ministries within 6 months. {If successful} it become an annual activity.
  {12 check marks}
  3. To expand the Minister's Discretionary Fund both monetarily and to include service via congregation.
  { 6 check marks}
  4. Child care.

{4 check marks}

  LN sub group 3
  1) Ongoing illness {5 checks}
  2) Lost loved ones (divorce, death) {4 checks}
  3) More visibility of youth
  4) Shut-ins {1 check}
  A) Visitations -- phone and at home or facility
  B) Meals ministry {1 check}
  C) Phone chain for all
  D) Urging encouragement to return to church {1 check mark}
  A) More participation {3 check marks}
  B) More youth service
  C) Youth bulletin board
  D) More adult-to-youth interaction.


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