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Visioning goals report:

Radical Hospitality:

  Subgroup 1
  S. Specific
  1. Meet 1 new person each week {9 check marks}
  2. Smile, make eye contact {4 check marks
  3. Involvement -- involved in life of the church
  M. Measurable
  1. Journal record name and response of person.
  A. Attainable
  1. Repetition of action
  2.Self knowledge -- knowing person's response, notice of improvement or response.
  1. Non-threatening
  2.Sense of comfort for person & self.
  3. Believe in our own capabilities
  T. Time frame
  1. 2 months-- Share our results in journals
  1.Ease of members of group
  2. Desire to continue.
  1. God directed
  RH subgroup 2
  To create "Invitation bags" to encourage new residents and neighbors who may may be going to Hell (or are looking for a church. {6 check marks}
  This will be measurable by having the invitees report attendance to office or by returnable post card from welcome bags.
  Evaluate after 6 months. Even one is important.
  Attainable/realistic -Yes!
  Radical hospitality, Congregation must own it.
  RH Subgroup 3
  1. We are going to provide valet parking for both services by Sept. 1. {5 check marks.}
  2. Small groups forming so everyone (new and old) belongs. 5 additional groups by 10-1-09. {4 check marks.}



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