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Visioning goals report:

Intentional Faith Development:


Subgroup 1

Focus on

Small groups ( Bible study, Ways of Prayer {1 check mark}, Self help, book study, ?) {9 check marks total when including the one for Ways of Prayer}
  Large variety
  Input on times
  GOAL: Start 3 new small faith development groups in 2010. (Line drawn to the suggested topics {( Bible study, Ways of Prayer, Self help, book study}. Target different age groups
  * Maybe 20s (Post its-prefamily often unchurched)
  * Get input on time and dates preferred.
  * Assess persons needed (Grief, mental health, family members, single parents, etc.)
  Subgroup 2
  Goal #1: Every attendee is given an opportunity to participate in small group activities. {3 check marks}
  Goal #2: Identify need-based groups to attract attendees (3 months) {4 or 5 check marks - 1 looked like a hanging chad from Florida}
  Goal #3: Challenge the existing groups to re-evaluate their goals and objectives in the areas of faith development. {5 check marks}

Goal#4: To provide a path for new people to join an existing group. 



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