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  Rev. Mr. Garlock was followed by Rev. G. A. Phillips, in the Fall of 1867, and the Pere Marquette circuit was divided so that Bird settlement (now Victory Corners) and Big Sauble settlement (now Free Soil) formed one circuit, and Clay Banks, Riverton, Flory's and Ludington another.
  The Ludington circuit had a, membership of twenty-three.
  At the annual conference for the year 1869, Rev. H. H. Hall, afterward missionary to Japan, was appointed pastor of the Pere Marquette circuit, and Riverton and Clay Banks were made into a separate circuit. Pere Marquette circuit was made to consist of Ludington, Lincoln (then the county seat) Flory's settlement and Pere Marquette settlement (now Rice schoolhouse).
  Rev. H. H. Hall, was succeeded by Rev. A. H. Gillett, and he by Rev. Wm. Heysett , ¬∑who came in the Fall of 1870. When he came, the Pere Marquette (now Ludington) society, consisted of only seven members. Mr. Heysett established the first Sunday school, increased the membership in Ludington to fifteen, and raised $2,000 toward building the first church. This was done during his one year's pastorate.
  Rev. Mr. Heysett was succeeded in the Fall of 1871 by Rev. G. L. Mount, who erected the present church edifice and added $200 to the amount previously raised. The membership increased to thirty-two during the year. The church edifice was completed the following year, at a cost of $4,756.
  Rev. G. L. Mount was followed by Rev. Burton S. Mills, in the Fall of 1872, who during his pastorate of two years, increased the membership to seventy-one, and appears to have been a very energetic and successful preacher.
  Rev. Mr. Mills was succeeded by Rev. M. V. Rork, in the Fall of 1871.  He remained one year and was followed by Rev. W. H. Sparling, who resigned before the close of the year, and was succeeded in the Fall of 1876 by Rev. John J. Christ.
  Up to 1876 the society had never been incorporated, and there was virtually no organization. During this year the society was incorporated. The first trustees were: Dr. A. P. McConnell, M. A. Kniflin, T. H. Wright, J. H. Conrad, C. T. Sawyer, Thomas Ash
  Rev. Mr. Christ was succeeded by Rev. A. E. Ketchum, who remained one year, and was followed by Rev. J. M. Aiken, who remained two years. He was succeeded by Rev. Warren Mooney, who remained two years and was succeeded by Rev. O. B. Whitmore, the present pastor. The present membership of the church numbers eighty-six.
  The parsonage has been twice burned, the last time in the great fire of 1881, and has not yet been rebuilt.


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