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Visioning Questions:

February 2019

  1. How does our church encourage/support/facilitate children's spiritual development?
  2. How does our church practice and teach prayer?
  3. What does our church do to sustain/enrich personal devotional life? (e.g. readings, resources, relationships, small groups etc.)
  4. Why do we want someone to come to our church?

5. How would you make it inviting and easy to join our church?

  6. If there were no limitations, what would evangelism look like?
  7. What do we need to do to prepare for a new pastor in July 2021?
  During the General Conference 2/19 there is a chance that there will be a split in the denomination. In 3/19, Clergy in our conference will meet to discuss. This event causes a couple of questions:
  8. What will the worldwide UMC look like? What will the UMC look like in the US?
  9. Will we be able to continue to call ourselves Methodists?
  10. Why would someone come to our church?
  11. What could/should welcome efforts be before they come to our church?
  12. How do/should we showcase the outreach of members of our church?
  13. What do successful churches do?
  14. How do we feel about renting or leasing underused spaces? What does the UMC allow?
  15. Do we consider selling part of our property?
  16. Would/should the church consider a retirement community on the property?
  17. How do we get people more engaged in the church?
  18. What is our purpose?
  19. How do we improve the financial condition of our Church?
  20. How do we improve/expand the use of lay people in our ministries?
  21. How can we be more inclusive to/for the marginalized?

Visioning Committee Report from Fall of 2009



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