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COVID-19 Procedures for
Sunday Morning
1. There will be a poster on the front door window that says something like, “Welcome to Worship! Please do not enter if you are sick. We recommend that high risk individuals (over 60 and/or with underlying conditions) continue to shelter at home and worship online:”
2. We will have tape on the ground in front of the front door to keep people six feet apart.
3. Before people enter, there will be a hand sanitizer station and someone will hand a disposable paper mask to those over 2 years old who are not wearing their own clean cloth mask. Just inside the door there will be a station where the person has his/her temperature taken with an infrared touchless thermometer; and the person will take a brief screening test about his/her symptoms, recent exposure to someone with COVID-19, etc.
4. As people enter, they will see signs that say, in effect, “Reminders: Please stay six feet apart, please use hand sanitizer, please wear a mask.”
5. Hand sanitizer stations will be available in the hallways and in the sanctuary. Ushers and signs will direct people into the sanctuary, where they will sit every other pew and at least six feet from other families.
6. There can be no congregational singing or choir singing because it releases aerosolized particles. Common-touch items will be removed from the pews: Hymnals, Bibles, booklets, Kleenex boxes, pencils. Bulletins will be exclusively on the screen. Because we are a high-risk congregation, there will be no Communion.
7. We will need to have a way of getting the people out of the sanctuary and out the front doors while keeping them six feet apart.  Ushers can help with this, as well as an announcement before the benediction.
8. The sanctuary, entryway and bathrooms will need to be cleaned before and after worship. Specific cleaning instructions are described in the Small Group Procedure.
9. Drinking fountains will be taped off.
10. A pastoral letter and Footprints newsletter will cover these details before the first Sunday back.
  Revision 7/28


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