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COVID-19 Procedures for the
Church Office
1. Before the office is opened, all employees and volunteers need to be trained in “respiratory etiquette”, social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, the proper use of PPE, and what to do if there is an exposure. There will be posters in the office about personal hygiene and about COVID-19 symptoms.
2. All employees and volunteers use south office doorway. Sanitize hands, put on mask, sanitize hands again. Respect six-foot distancing. Take temperature – must be less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Person does a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If person shows symptoms of being sick, has fever, or doesn’t pass the screening questionnaire, he/she must leave.  Sanitizing station and paper mask dispenser will be on wall or tables next to door. Person may wear cloth mask from home, but it must be clean and should be washed after wearing. There should be a table with gloves near the door too. Everyone entering the building on a weekday should sign in, in case contact tracing becomes necessary.
3. Employees clean common surfaces before and after use: Counters, copier, volunteer desk phone and keyboard and mouse, door handles, light switches, edges of Work Room cupboards and drawers, other common surfaces. Everyone periodically washes hands for 20 seconds or uses sanitizer. Everyone wipes down his/her work station before starting work and at the end of work. Church will supply cleaning products that are CDC-recommended for COVID-19, and employees and volunteers will be trained on safe handling of these products. More detailed instructions about cleaning are described in the Cleaning Procedure.
4. Employees and volunteers wear masks in common areas (hallways, Work Room, bathrooms, etc.) and practice social distancing.
5. Employees and volunteers will work a staggered schedule in the office, with remote work encouraged. (Note: MIOSHA requires suspension of all nonessential visitors during the pandemic. How can we do that? We are a church! This will need more discussion).
6. Delivery people will be encouraged to leave deliveries outside the door
  Revision 6/24


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